Poetry. Uh-huh.

You write to vent. Sometimes it sucks. We'll see.

A Mantra

Words pour

And music drips

Refine the latter

And get drunk on it

Watch the former flow

And let it crash when it's ready

Bee Among Flowers

How many hover here?

Must be millions

Drones and subjects

Engaged in one task

They don't bother to look

And see what they're doing

And so things go.

How gorgeous is this?

Bright pink in our brown world

How did I never notice this?

And why does no one else see?

It's not an accident. It's all around us!

They must choose to ignore it.

How dare they!

Collect pollen, and return it to the hive

Living fake little lives

For honey they will never have.

Well, I say damn the honey!

Damn the hive, and damn the queen!

Instinctual no more!

I will not return!

And so things go.

I have seen the life of a drone

And I detest it so very much

Dancing for others to see

And to take what I've found

Well I shall dance for myself

Dance for my life

And not for my harvest

In will be frozen one day,

But I will freeze as one

Not as many

And so things go.

The Human Experience, part 1

Girls and boys

Plumage flushing

Playing little games

As they practice revolting

Girls and boys

Looking good, and feeling bad

Hiding out and getting burned

Because they only learned "no"

Look me in the eye if you can

I say it's not so bad to burn

With so many men,

you'd expect more manhood

With so many women,

you'd expect less girls

There's so many people

But so few humans

Any person is a galaxy

But there's interstellar silence

Girls and boys

Wait for the stars to burn out

We'll see who talks then

When there's only each other for light


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