Exit #2 on The Road to I WRITE LOTS ABOUT 2007 ALBUMS

For those expecting Clutch, I apologize. As it turns out, the album isn't actually out yet, so I'd feel weird reviewing it before it was out, as that would send a pretty obvious signal. However, I did listen to another 2007 album today.

(picture coming soon)

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

The LCD Soundsystem is the ragtag group headed by DFA Records owner James Murphy. In fact, from here on in, LCD Soundsystem will be referenced to as "him" or similar, as in reality, it's all his creation. Anyways, his prior effort, a self-titled double album, bore reasonable success and a cult hit, "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House." The album got high marks from a critical stance, but this album was, admittedly, my first experience with his music, as I used to be really closed minded to electronic music, before Midnight Brown (who pays homage to LCD Soundsystem with a lyric in "Like You're Gonna Write A Song About It"-- "The guy who wrote 'Daft Punk is Playing at My House' / is playing at my house"), Kraftwerk, and Tom Vek broke that wall down. The music bears obvious Kraftwerk influence, but most electronic music does, so that's not a strike against it or anything, even if the bassline of the opener "Get Innocuous" sounds way too much like "We Are The Robots." The vocals, and truely the rest of the music, takes more cues from Depeche Mode and the like as it progresses, but by the time "Us Vs. Them" rolls in, the music is really at state all it's own, slickly mixing punk, funk, and trip-hop, with strong instrumentation from synthesizers to even glockenspiels at one time. The highlight of the album is the solid closer, "New York, I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down."A modern take on lounge singing if anything, with the most standard instrumentation on the whole album-- just piano, guitar, bass, and drums. While I did enjoy the album, I must admit that I wasn't really moved by it. It is what it is; a very solid electronica record, and a worthy purchase.

Exit #3 (probably)

(picture coming soons)

Ted Leo & The Pharmecists - "Living With The Living"

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