Prologue to my current project

Professional wrestling is an acquired taste that everyone is born with. It plays to a very primitive emotion, one shared over several millenia of human development. The competitive urge. Combat has been a part of humanity since there has been life. It is an instinct of survival. As life had developed, through whatever method you prefer to believe in, combat has become more and more refined. These refinements have come in primarily two places; the way war is fought, and the way war is portrayed. Weapons have evolved, and stories have improved to come with it. The shield and the symbolistic art of the Greeks; the katana and the delicate poetry of the samurai; the lance and the hymnals of the crusade; the gun and the folk song, and many more examples.

The greatest tribute to battle is battle itself.The fire of battle is an attractive warmth, and it draws many moths to immolation in this flame. Tributes to warriors are all around us, even if their spirit has changed. Immortalization is as much of a drive as the glory of victory is in this life. A friend of mine once said "There ain't no heaven. Only legend." It is for this that so many plunge into the flame. Whether they crackle as fuel for the fire or launch into the stars as a brilliant spark to be remembered is up to them. This work is such a tribute.

Wrestling itself is a tribute, to hand to hand combat and personal struggle. Hand to hand combat is seen as the most base form of combat. Anyone can partake, and anyone can win, if they know enough. It is the ultimate test of nerve, and of strength. Many cultures see it as a rite of passage. In modern US culture, it is strongly discouraged. As such, wrestling and other combat sports face a natural uphill battle, with wrestling facing it's own unique problems.

The only thing I can say to adequately prepare you for this work is only a request. Open your mind. This is naught but a tribute to my passion, and what I have determined to be the very best of it. I am going to do everything in my power to express just how much I adore this bizarre carnival attraction. In the case of the story I am going to try to tell, this battle, this conflict is waged beyond professional wrestling, and is a story of men's lives. It's not characters. It is livelihoods, changed in instants. Come, sit! Enjoy a tale of valor, of rivalry, and of inner strength!


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