Initial Impression Day!

We will keep this brief because it is four in the morning. I just can't sleep, but can't function well enough to do much more than this.

-Modest Mouse's "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank."

Aren't we chipper? On the very first listen, I am indisposed. It lacks that whimsical venom that "Good News" had, and I still don't like the single, but I'll give it another look. Modest Mouse is usually pretty subtle, so I'm probably missing a lot.

-The Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible."

I really didn't like "Funeral" at first. It took me more than a few listens, and I still think they're missing something in musical strength. First listen, though, is much easier. I know what to expect from Arcade Fire now, so it's not such a staggering, weird surprise. "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" is great.

-Bloc Party's "A Weekend In The City"

Two minutes in, and one thing immediately stands out; the music is not nearly as scatter shot and uneven as it was on "Silent Alarm." It's an interesting choice, because it was that shaky panic that made everyone all excited over them at first. There is more singing instead of wailing, and I was always really underwhelmed with Kele trying to howl. Okay, the second song has started, and it sounds like one of those tracks left off the "Silent Alarm" remix album. The mixing in of normal drums with computerized is definitely interesting. Conceptually, anyways. And the third starts with light, wispy chimes, and I'm done.


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