That is a really lame title.

--Ayako Hamada Vs. Yoshiko Tamura, 2/18, NEO

Ayako Hamada gets my blood going, so I'm already into the match. This is for some crazy NWA title. I've seen approximately one Tamura match, I think, so this'll be a pretty new experience. The mat exchange ends with Tamura right in Hamada's face, which I approve of. Then, there are jump cuts. Tamura  has some really stupid moves, like this corner knee thing,  This match is cut to hell., and not to mention a little clunky. on both parts. The exchanges feel a mite forced at times. This seems to be more conflicting styles than any other factor going wrong, but maybe it's just an off night for both of them. It happens. Ayako's slaps look terrible for some reason. Hamada's facials are still golden, though, and the look of shock like  terror at the kick out from the Michinoku Driver thing are great. The spin kick dodges look way contrived, as does Tamura's elbow flurry. Yawn at this match.

--Akitoshi Saito, KENTA, & Ippei Ota Vs. Joe Legend, Bryan Danielson, & Ted DiBiase Jr., 4/01, NOAH

The NOAH turnaround never ceases to amaze.  I loves me some Saito, Danielson is cool. Joe is cool. DiBiase Jr. is already a star from reaction, which is boggling. As long as there is minimal KENTA, there is hope for this match. Ota and Danielson start, so this should be fun. Ota is really loud. The crowd is freaky into Danielson, especially after he kills him with a European Uppercut. The reaction KENTA gets for tagging in to go with Danielson leads me to believe they should have done the singles match in in Korakuen. DiBiase Jr in, and the people are way into him. His fistdrops are awesome. KENTA doing the fist drop is un awesome. Saito in, and we are moments away from Legend/Saito. Saito speeds things up, by shoving Dibiase in the corner and yelling at him. We have the tag, we have a shoving match, and the crowd is utterly psyched for it. There's a shoulderblock battle, and Joe has the crowd eating out of his hand. Ota and Danielson back in, and Danielson's stretching of poor Ota is great. DiBiase in,  and he's not much of a brawler. He does have the moves he does really crisp, though. I wonder if the other Dibiase kid is the brawler.Legend in, and he breaks Ota's nose with a gourdbuster. Joe and Danielson both go after the nose like jerks, And there ain't nothin' like Danielson being a jerk. Ota makes it to the corner, and Sato is in to wreck some fools. Instead, Danielson takes him down, which is weird. KENTA runs interference, and his interaction in this match has been kept very limited, so it's going pretty good. Saito pops one of Danielson's vertebrae with a lariat. DiBiase Jr in with Saito now, and he's still got the wrestling.  His elbows are on and off. Million Dollar Dream! Legsweep! And then a Cobra Camel Clutch thing.  KENTA in with DiBiase, and KENTA hits hard. Woohoo.  DiBiase with the nice powerslam. Joe back in, and he gets the crowd up for a clubbing blow to the back. Holy crap, Joe is over. Ota tags in for revenge on Joe, and it is sweet. Ota tries for the airplane spin so hard, but Joe is a large man, so it takes a while. I'm wanting Danielson to come in and do one on Ota, but KENTA hates me, so he runs interference, along with Saito. Ota's Diving Neckbreaker is way over. Ota's Lariats just get Joe to wake up, and then it's Joe's turn to lariat, but it doesn't take. Joe does this weird reverse waterwheel thing, and it's totally great. DiBiase's corner charging lariat looks like hell. Complete Shot is still lame. This match is alright. Minimum KENTA, maximum Ota and Joe. Ted didn't do anything to really wow me, but the nostalgia factor of the moveset is nice. I just don't think it's enough. Danielson and Joe put Ota over. Joe tries to shake Saito's hand, but he's Akitoshi Saito, so the only shaking is the forearm shiver. Saito storms off to end the video. I guess it's an alright match? Ted and KENTA may as well not have been there. This match probably would have been a whole lot smoother if they weren't, as Ted is alright but unremarkable, and KENTA should be be elsewhere, as he's not really a good face at all, and there ain't no heel teams with young lions on them.

#9--Jun Akiyama & Takeshi Rikio Vs. Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone, 4/01

Akiyama and Rikio is just as random as Morishima and Yone. Morishima has an awesome backdrop t-shirt. Rikio and Morishima are face to face, and I am eager about this match already. Akiyama and Yone were great in a fast little sprint, and I can only hope that it will translate better in a title match environment, but we'll see. I don't mind Rikio or Morishima, so I'm excited for all prospects of this match. Rikio and Morishima start off, and the Wild II collision has the crowd way pumped. Morishima's ready to spit fire, then Akiyama and Yone tag in, and it's shades of the sprint. Yone takes it right to Akiyama, and looks like a million bucks. Akiyama is invincible on the floor though, and Yone forgets. Yone gets up brinning, threatening to bring a chair to the ring, and this crowd is on fire. Yone tries wrestling this time, but only as long as it takes to get Morishima back in the ring. Morishima's neck wrench is nowhere near as cool as Yone's. Yone back in, and they light each other up. Yone's like a superhero for some reason. Akiyama catches a kick and trips, and in comes Rikio. And after knocking Yone down, Rikio goes right for Morishima, repeating what Akiyama did to Yone, even as far as to knock him over the same guardrail. Morishima loses his patience,  and charges Rikio instead of breaking a pin on Yone, and Rikio is left laying on the entrance.  Sandwich Lariat takes down Akiyama, and now Yone takes Akiyama outside to try and lay him out. The Yone cheers are everywhere for some reason. Long running knee attack thing on Yone, and now Rikio has had enough. Yone gets a hold of Rikio, and Morishima lariats, leaving them both laying. Yone brins Akiyama back to the ring for some reason. This would have been a great count out spot. Yone and Morishima team on Akiyama, and really well. There's some fifteen minutes left in the match, but it feels like we're coming into the finishing stretch just from how fast everything's moving. Morishima takes a whoopin' from Rikio as he chokes the life out of Akiyama. Yone and Akiyama back in, and Yone continues to be mega over. Hot tag for Rikio that actually works! Rikio is a house of fire, taking it to both men, but soon, Yone's crazy face kicks cut him off.  I wish Morishima wouldn't stick his tongue out so much. It only works for MiSuzu. Morishima's big boot to the corner is crazy. Rikio takes one from Suguira's playbook, with the rush to the corner and the waterwheel. Akiyama tags in, and gets hell of such revenge on Morishima. Yone runs on Rikio, and Morishima throws out a superplex thanks to Yone's help. The crowd is crazy for the Doomsday Wheelkick, but Rikio breaks it up. Akiyama fights the backdrop, and Rikio gets loose again, long enough to stop backdropping. Akiyama crawls for and gets the tag, And now we have gassed out fat man brawling, for some reason. Morishima looks way tired, and so does Rikio, but Rikio still brings the crazy slaps. Yone's still sprinting, and that's probably why. Yone is that over avtive kid who would do everything on the playground every thirty minutes, just going around and around and around .Yone puts the muscle buster on Rikio, and that's damn amazing. Akiyama gets the barest pin save I've about ever seen. Morishima herniates a little trying to lift Rikio for the Doomsday, and it's for naught anyways, as Rikio catches Yone with a mid air lariat, which is way cool. Yone is still moving, though, even as Akiyama and Rikio team up on him. Morishima makes the save after a slap/knee/lariat sequence. Rilkio's Slap Lariat thing is still cool, and I guess that's as close as we'll get to the thing. Rikio catches the running corner knee from Yone, and THERE's the Slap Lariat. Yone is taking a manly fucking beating from Akiyama and Rikio, catching a knee from Akiyama while he was on hishands and knees, a powerbomb, and a running lariat from Rikio. The Muso signal goes up, the crowdd goes up, Yone goes down, and there are your new heros. If you ever wanted to see a twenty five minute sprint, here you go. Rikio and Morishima tried really hard to keep up, as did Akiyama, but Yone was the star of this match, as he has been with every Yone/Morishima match. This isn't match of the year or anything, but it's perfectly alright for a title match. Morishima storms the hell off while Rikio raises Yone to his feet, the crowd cheering wildly for him, confirming my suspicions of him being the man who got the most from this match.  Yone and Morishima seem to be pretty much over as a team. Morishima is now pretty much established as a glory hog in NOAH, so it'll be interesting to see where this goes. Rikio is completely out of breath post match, and it's endearing in a weird sort of way. Akiyama calls out Takayama, even shocking the interviewer guy.  Rikio sounds vaguely like Marlon Brandau.  Thank you speeches, pictures taken, trophies, all that good stuff. It's a weird match, but it worked because there's no way that it should have been a long drawn out thing, given Akiyama/Yone a month back, and Rikio and Morishima's on off relationship. Rikio and Yone came off as megastars the whole time. Over all, I can only really call it fun, but fun is good enough. Certainly a better title change match than the one for the IWGP in March.


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