Wrassle, Wrassle, Toil and Tassles

Well, the spring semester is over, so for all intents and purposes, so it's time to lock in the top 20 matches of the spring! One last addition. Everything else is henceforth late addition, so, it'll be on a different list which is more of a database than anything.


1. Yuji Nagata Vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, 04/13, NJPW

2. Yuko Miyamoto Vs. Takashi Sasaki, 03/14, BJPW

3. Shinjiro Otani & Takao Omori Vs. Yoshihiro Takayama & Kohei Sato, 02/18, Z1MAX

4. Mitsuharu Misawa Vs. Takuma Sano, 04/28, NOAH

5. Ryouji Sai Vs. Mammoth Sasaki, 02/18, Z1MAX

6. Meiko Satomura Vs. Mayumi Ozaki, 02/12, LLPW

7. Takeshi Rikio & Jun Akiyama Vs. Mohammed Yone & Takeshi Morishima, 04/01, NOAH

8. CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka, & Dragon Kid Vs. Naomichi Marufuji, Ricky Marvin, & Ippei Ota, 04/28, NOAH

9. Kengo Mashimo & Madoka Vs. Iifushi Kota & HARASHIMA, GPWA Differ Cup, 05/06

10. Daisuke Sekimoto Vs. Kengo Mashimo, 03/22, Wakamusha

11. Yoshihiro Takayama, Hirotaka Yokoi, & Kohei Sato Vs. Takao Omori, Shinjiro Otani, & Kazunari Murakami, 01/19, Z1MAX

12. SUWA, Yoshihiro Takayama, & Minoru Suzuki Vs. Takeshi Rikio, KENTA, & Naomichi Marufuji, 01/21, NOAH

--13. Masato Tanaka Vs. Yoshihito Sasaki, 05/27, Z1MAX

14. Jun Akiyama Vs. Go Shiosaki, 01/21, NOAH

15. Togi Makabe Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, 04/08, NJPW

16. Doug Williams Vs. Yoshinari Ogawa, 03/04, NOAH

17. Osamu Namiguchi Vs. Atsushi Aoki, 03/08, Z1MAX

18. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Toshiaki Kawada, 01/04, NJPW

19. Mitsuharu Misawa Vs. Takashi Suguira, 03/05, NOAH

20. Keiji Muto Vs. Toru Owashi, 03/27, AJPW

--#13. Masato Tanaka Vs. Yoshihito Sasaki, 05/27, Z1MA

Masato Tanaka is a better wrestler than a whole lot of people, and this match is a showcase of that. The stories of this match are all strong wrestling themes; Teacher vs. Student, young blood vs. new blood, return match, and more. Tanaka is just as fast as he was when he left, and it doesn’t look like he has a bit of ring rust. Sasaki is capable, and also completely insane, getting in Koji Kanemoto’s, Yoshihiro Takayama’s, and Mitsuhiro Matsunaga’s faces, and telling them off, even if it means getting kicked in the face or getting stabbed. Really, though, this is the Masato Tanaka Is Back show, and he’s as good as he’s ever been, despite all conventional logic. The thing that keeps this match from being higher is some really suspect selling from Sasaki and Tanaka both. And while I kind of buy it from Tanaka, seeing as his crown is apparently made of granite, it’s more of a problem Sasaki had. On paper, the win is unexpected, but Sasaki’s lariats sound like Singapore cane shots, and Tanaka bumps for them like they’re lead pipe shots, so I completely buy it. While it’s not immaculate and perfect (and really, for a return match, it’s uncanny), it’s a solid little sprint that does wonders for all involved. I’m starting to wonder if Sasaki’s going to make it to the FF finals, and that’d be awesome if he did.

And now...summer-summer-summer-time. Only one entry, so far.

1. Mitsuharu Misawa Vs. Bison Smith, 06/03, NOAH

This isn’t here because it’s, like, the only good match I’ve seen that happened after June 1st. So far, the Misawa reign has been the highlight of NOAH this year. The route he’s taken with defenses and everything has been people that are seen as tough or tougher. No small challengers, all big guns. Morishima’s blitzkrieg offense, followed by Sano’s overpowering savate and prowess. Now, Misawa comes face to face with the Claw. I thought this match was going to be Misawa 2007, which is full of savagery and greatness, versus Bison Smith being Bison Smith, but it’s not what I got. Bison Smith really threw out a lot here, pulling out a Taue-like “I’m going to fly everywhere because you can’t” thing, taking some really bizarre bumps for a guy his size. The match was really good, and had pretty solid heat once things got going. The finish wasn’t that far apart from the other Misawa 2007 big match finishes, in that Bison takes a huge move, and can’t even think to throw out offense except kicking out, and that doesn’t help none. Solid match.

PS: Man, Word 2007 totally fucks formatting from text to Scribefire. Or...something.


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