In tribute to finals, a last minute venting dedicated to my first day at college

To The One Day

The sun was out and so was I
First day back to this world

Always the same for me
In a corner I found
Conversing with me
And me alone

Perceived as Invariable
Then there was another
That spoke in echoes
With no cave in sight

Sounds of piece
Sights of glory
Freedom in thought
Liberation in life

Sudden disconnection
One moment of relief
Among years of this exile
Satisfactory for more

To the other
Who we echo each other
And who gave me piece
Don’t ever talk to me again

The ape finds everything
In the flourishing jungle
But the jungle herself
Has no need for one more damn monkey

The communiqué saved my life
And that was enough from you
In tribute to the one day
Maintain planetary silence


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